A world of lies…

Don’t you ever wonder how hypocrite our society is? It says how accepting your true self wins over external beauty. You can see a lot.. and i mean a LOT of quotes and blogs on being “Yourself”. But when you actually do, someone will surely comment “oh no dear,  don’t be so awkward.”

Now, i wonder what this “awkward” is. Just because i am not following the so called “trend” i am awkward? or is it because i am being a rebel and not willing to nod to everything that everyone else is doing? I am tagged as “awkward” or “indifferent” from the rest just because i choose to make myself happy and not think about what others might think?

I don’t really understand the core need to be accepted by others to feel truly good about yourself.Should i feel good about me when i am happy with who i am and what i have become or should i get overwhelmed with joy when someone says something sweet about me?We are human beings, and i get the need for “social acceptance”. But, why do we seek this desire to feel accepted so bad that we don’t really see ourselves and our happiness?

The world is full of lies.. they preach about “being true” and “being yourself” but all they ever do is just follow the trend. When you actually be who you are and start doing according to your interest, you have changed some how. You aren’t the person you were… they say.


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